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Plan for week 20

Monday 11 May : Arrival day
Tuesday 12 may: 8.00 Breakfast at Eggeslevmagle School
8.30-10.00 Guided tour around the school
10.20 Presentations from the schools
12.00 Picnic on Skælskør V which is a boat and then eating whille sailing around the area
14.00 A guided tour at Harboes www.Harboes.dk.

Wednesday 13 May: 8.30-10.00 Paperfree Day is presented by the partnerschools
10.20-12.00 4th and 8th grade presents their way of working with the Smartboards.
12.00 14.00 A guided tour in Skælskør by students from 7th grade.
14.30 A tour to Trelleborg ( a viking event ) and all the student are going to stay there for the night.

Thursday 14 May 7.00 Breakfast at Trelleborg
7.30 Departure from Trelleborg to the school.
8.00-12.00 Floorball matches for all at school and the opportunity to have a nice bath.
12.00-19.00 Free sparetime
19.00 Party!!!!!

Friday 15 May: Departure day.