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Students attending the meeting in Eeklo:
external image 3780326.jpg&x=100&y=140Anna Holm
external image 3780282.jpg&x=100&y=140Joachim Obling
external image 3783063.jpg&x=100&y=140Katrine Brodersen
external image 3786417.jpg&x=100&y=140Sofie Nagel Holst
external image 3785460.jpg&x=100&y=140Kathrine Schmidt
Kevin Funch Hansen
Teacher: Lisselotte Lentz
Teacher: Dennis Holm
Teacher:Birthe Nielsen
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Status quo:

We will bring up a movie about how much paper we use on Eggeslevmagle school. We will also try to make a slideshow with pictures that shows how much paper we really use. There will come a presentation of what we call "Elevintra". Thats a place where we can share school documents, and our homework. We can also send private messages to our friends, and to our teachers.
On "Elevintra" we can also bring documents from home to our school, if we had made something at home that we would like to finish at school. When all this is finish, we will share it with you and your friends here on paperfreeweek.

Regards from the group of status quo.

Now are the presentation of elevintra shared with you. We will work hard to upload a slideshow here on paperfreeweek

Presentation of Eggeslevmagle school:

We wil present the school. We are going to show you videos about our school, i'm not sure we get all the things on the school but we are going to show you how much as we can. We will tell you where on the school we use paper.
Ricci, Ricko, David, Lasse, Louise, Kamilla and Christine.

Presentation of Skælskør:

Maria, Mads, Sofie, Laura, Maja, Kathrine and Anna would like to give you a virtuel visit to Skælskør. We will try to give you a great tour around Skælskør and we hope you will enjoy your tour.
Skælskør is a city with two schools, and a charming population.
We have a harbour, beach, forrest and a camping with a very nice view over the water. We have our own brewery "Harboe". We have a small cinema which is one of the oldest in Denmark, we have a lot a old buildings, that brings a nice "home-feeling".

Presentation of 7B:

Our plan is to make a presentation of our class. In this presentation we want to tell about the good and bad times in our life. We will interview some of the teachers and students from the class, and some of the questions will be like: how they feel about going to school every single day, and whether they are really passionate about learning.
We will fo cus on the thin gs that make our class special.
We all look forward to the project.
Lots of love from:

Presentation of 7A:

We will show you our class in a video clip made of group 7 consisting of Camilla, Anna, Frederik, Anders, Johan and Frandsen. We will show you our classroom and things like that. eg. How many we have in class, our hours a week. You can also see how a smartboard works, just click on the links:

Presentation of how we want to work with the future:

We want a more digital school maybe with computer for all. Like if that you could stay home and be in school by using your computer and make homework. Maybe can we sit at home and make homework and school about three years.
And we have made a movie where we ask the schoolinspektor we asked him about there is enough money to have touch screen in every class if we cant make it home in the furture.


Is a small country but with a lot of experience about nature and our royal family.

Much paper we use here in Denmark example. Books tasks from teachers and if you just sit and paint.
Denmark also has a national bird swan.

HC Andersen was a very famous writer, he wrote a lot of children's books which we are very pleased.

Our capital city is Copenhagen, where there is a round tower built by Christian IV in 1642.

In Denmark, we try to save power, paper, water and other things.
god conservation Denmark !!!!!!!
Denmark works most people Ells it is quite difficult to survive if we have no money, so the people trying to look for.

præsentasion Denmark: Anne, denis, Camilla, Mathias, Selma, Katrine mikkel, martin, Sophie Amalie.