II. The meeting in Denmark (11th-15th of May)

Meet our nice pupils who will be coming to Denmark !

Hello everybody, I’m Nathalie De Keyser. I love sports especially swimming and running but gymnastics are my favourite.
I’m very glad to participate in the Comenius project because I like to meet new people and discover other countries. I’ve never been to Denmark and I am so excited to see your country!!

If you like to know more about me, go and see my Facebook :


Hello, my name is Kim Van de Voorde. In my free time, I am a very busy girl. I am a member of a youth movement (Chiro), I play volleyball and I love to hang out with my friends.
I am very interested in the Paperfree Comenius project. For me, it is also important to practice my English and to see how school is organized in other countries.

You can always send me an email. My address is!


I am Celine Cantineau.
I think it is a very good idea to reduce paper use in schools and to search alternatives. The Comenius Project appeals to me because I can meet a lot of new people and I can practice my English.

Don’t hesitate to check my Facebook:


Hello, my name is Simon Callebout. After school I play handball and I hang out with my friends.
I am 100% motivated for the Comenius Project. I’m very curious to see how other schools use new technologies in their classes. I am sociable and for me Comenius is an new occasion to meet other people.

My email address is


I am Michiel Janssens. I spend a lot of my free time in the youth movement (Scouts) and I love sports.
I am very excited to go to Denmark. In one week you can learn a lot about the country and make new friends. I am interested in the paper free teaching and new technologies.

If you want to reach me, mail to !


My name is Wesley Ruebens and I am very fond of sports. Soccer and bowling are my favourite hobbies.
I love meeting new people and travel to new countries. It is also very interesting if you can talk English during a whole week.
You can find more information and pictures on my Facebook and my Netlog pages:


Hello, I am Niels Vermaut and in my free time I do a lot of sports. After school I play badminton, I swim and I run.
I’m very excited to come to Denmark. It’s an unique opportunity to visit an other country and an other school.

Check my pictures on or mail to !

I. The meeting in Belgium
Paper Free Week - Belgian Site

At this site you can see what our students found on the (ab)use of paper.
- A little information about the big paper consumption in our little country and at our school...
- Some studies with differences in paper use between our countries...

Check it out!