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Status quo: Finding out where paper is used at school -

a first mindmap summarising the discussions carried out in small groups


Students attending the meeting in Eeklo from 2nd February to 6th Frebruary
1) Sven BENZ, 16,
2) Betty ELS, 15,
3) Elodie MAGUER, 16,
4) Cédric SCHLEICH, 16,
5) Dora PEREIRA, 15,
6) Gianluca SADDI, 17,
7) Mara VALENT, 15,
8) Jean-Pierre KAUFFMANN, 17,
accompanied by M. Marc GILLET and M. Claude CHRISTNACH (from 3rd to 6th feb.)

Students attending the meeting in Denmark, May 2009:

1) Backes Jessica
2) Burg Nathalie
3) Godefroy Conny
4) Pereira Dora
5) Valent Mara
6) Saddi Luca
7) Ney Frank
8) Poinsignon Tom

accompanied by Mr Marc Gillet ; Mr Claude Christnach ; Mr Patrick Schmitz ; Mrs Marie-Paule Eyschen

Train schedule to Eeklo Train schedule back home
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Fiche responsabilité-médicale.doc
Pictures from the meeting in Luxembourg (24.-28. November 2008)
More pictures of the meeting in Luxembourg :)
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Pictures from Belgium