The Paper Free Week “Towards a paper free digital school”

Comenius project

A. Motivation
Too much paper is used and even abused in our education system. We might well be trying to digitalise some of the paperwork often for ecological reasons, but the results are not really satisfying because what’s being done is often “too little and too late”. So let us introduce the future in our education system by using more digital programs and tools, not only for ecological reasons but mainly in order to improve tuition, communication, and evaluation at schools.

B. Topics to deal with:

Ø Status-quo: What digital tools are used by schools nowadays to make education paper free (digital platform eg Blackboard/elov – smart school – yahoo-groups – msn-groups…)
Ø Media use: Pupils and teachers can give their opinion on how they include media in their teaching and learning process. They can make suggestions for possible solutions: how to replace the paper homework - What about the school report - use of film/video/own camerawork in tuition. What digital programs can be used instead of the paperwork, for tasks and the correction of tasks, for (self-) evaluation, for internal communication…?
Ø Suggestions for the future: What digital devices can be used by students/teachers in the class (smartboard, cellphones, laptops, desktops, dvd-players…)? In what way can school libraries be digitalised (digital books, newspapers, films, music, texts…)? How can the internal and external communication be improved by the utilisation of digital means?

C. Final product:
In the first year of the project we set up a website with:

Ø Status quo of the actual situation in education before that week: What media are used by teachers/ pupils at school, at home, in social context with school mates in the different participating countries?
Ø Media awareness: What do pupils/teachers think of the use of media by the other pupils/teachers? What dangers do they think there are in using new media in an educational context?
Ø Suggestions made by pupils and teachers to replace the paper by digital means.
Ø Organise a paper free week.
Ø Survey of the difficulties we have met + solutions we found for it.
Ø Do’s + don’ts

In the second year of the project we try to edit a film report of that week with all the highlights, pros & cons, testimonies and interviews of teachers and pupils. This film can be put on Youtube, dvd and on our website.

The Schools behind this project:

Lycée Josy Barthel à Mamer


Eggeslevmagle Skole

IES Escultor Juan de Villanueva

Project meetings

· Luxembourg 24th -28th November 2008
· Belgium, February 2009, week 6
· Denmark, May 2009, week 20
· Luxembourg, October 2009, week 44
· Spain, February 2010, week 6
· Belgium, May 2010, week 18


Max. 8 students pr. country pr. meeting.

Aged 14 – 18.

Status quo:

WIKI-SPACE……. Each school will make it as a homepage with the presentation and a report of the status quo.

Their use of paper in the class.

How they use paper…..…


Belgium – Denmark – Luxembourg - Spain

Links to the wikispaces of Luxembourg , Belgium, Denmark and Spain.

Want to learn more about your partner schools ?
Visit the homepage of Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark or Spain.

Pictures from the meeting in Luxembourg (24.-28. November 2008)